Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Closing date is 7th August for the 2015 NZSEA Awards - Don't forget!

NZ Spatial Excellence Awards

Celebrating Excellence

Following the successful launch of the the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards (NZSEA) in 2014 the founding partners are excited to announce that applications for the 2015 awards are now open.
The Awards seek out and give recognition to the best, the high achievers, and the contributors who set the benchmarks that others will follow - becoming the role models for the next generation of our profession.
The Awards are a joint venture between the spatial profession, business and government to hold annual awards for all sectors, disciplines and communities that make up the spatial industry. Each partner will contribute its resources and expertise to make sure the awards reach the highest standards of excellence and independence.

2015 Award Ceremony

The organising committee for the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards is pleased to announce the 2015  awards will take place at the Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, on Thursday 19 November.

The 2015 NZSEA Awards are open - closing date is 7th August 2015

for more details ... http://www.nzspatialawards.org.nz/

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Transpower Map Services - openData as it should be done.

Transpower have recently announced the availability via online services of some of its core data layers with a CC BY license.

This is a great example of organisations sharing their core datasets via online API's through the creative commons licensing model.

This sharing allows each consuming organisations to have access to update to date and relevant data for their own purposes straight from the source.

Below is the detail that Transpower released on their openData services.

Geospatial data layers are now available via as map services on the Transpower website

We encourage GIS users to reference these map services instead of any older data supplies which you may have. The map service layers are kept up to date for changes to the Transmission network. The transmission network is largely static but changes do take place when lines are realigned.

Data updates will also help to show which infrastructure is currently owned by Transpower as a number of assets have been transferred to Network Companies in the recent past.

The layers which are available as part of our initial release are outlined below. Please get in touch if you have any questions relating to this service.

Contact details for Transpower re: these GIS Services is geospatial@transpower.co.nz

Service description
Service name
Under licence
Metadata location
Transmission Lines (owned by Transpower only)
Transmission lines
CC 3.0 CC-BY
Not yet available
Spans (owned by Transpower only)
CC 3.0 CC-BY
Structures (centre points)
CC 3.0 CC-BY
CC 3.0 CC-BY
Service Provider Boundaries (Contractor in charge of Transmission lines in an area)
CC 3.0 CC-BY
Not yet available
Cook Straight Protection Zone for undersea cable
CC 3.0 CC-BY
Not yet available
Access routes to transmission assets
Approved users only
Not yet available
Transpower Fibre
Approved users only
Not yet available